Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Most federal student aid applicants will be eligible for some form of financial assistance through the federal student aid programs regardless of demonstrated financial need.

For eligibility to be determined, federal student aid applicants must file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year. Visit the MSU Financial Aid website below for more information and additional resources.

Financial Aid Opportunities

To learn about financial aid opportunities, including scholarships specific to the College of Education, visit the following sites:

Available Scholarships

Undergraduate Programs

  • Mississippi Excellence in Teaching Program (METP)
  • William Winter Alternate Route Teacher Scholar Loan Program (WWAR), State-funded
  • William Winter Teacher Scholar/Loan (WWTS), State-funded¬†
  • Teach Grant, Federally funded
  • Teacher Education Scholars Loan/Scholarship

Graduate Programs

  • Graduate Teacher, Counselor, School Administration Loan/Scholarship (GTS), State-funded
  • Mississippi Teacher Fellowship Program, State-funded
  • Teach Grant, Federally funded ¬†
  • Critical Needs Dyslexia Therapy Loan/Scholarship¬†

Loan Repayment Programs

  • Mississippi Teacher Loan Repayment Program (MTLR)

For Alternate Route Students Only

  • Federal Loan Forgiveness Program for Teachers
  • Low-Income Directory
  • Loan Forgiveness for Public Service Employees

Other Resources